Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Clash of the Titans

This week is a gigantic week in the Orenthal James Simpson Football Association.  This is the week where I my team "The White Broncos" take on Ricky's team "Spider Pigs" in a battle of (4-0) teams for first place.  I overcame a subpar week to from Marion Barber to take out Mark and his B-Team All Stars last week.  Anquan Boldin is probably out this week with a broken skull, so I will probably have to go with Santonio Holmes or some other fake WR.
The Twins might make the playoffs tonight.  The Twins might be the least talented team that has a chance to get in.  I say might because Chicago sucks too.  I will give the edge to the White Sox because they are playing at home, which is only an advantage because the other option was to play inside of a garbage bag.
Dr. Aaron Rodgers's self-diagnosis of a separated shoulder was wrong I guess.  That fuck better play this week.
Yo going in game one.  Here's hoping he has built his stamina up to a normal person.  He is really, really good though.  Brewers will win if they can get it to 5 and get CC on normal rest (which I guess isn't 3 days) in game 5, where he will undoubtedly throw a near perfect game.  I have a hard time believing they can win two out of the four others with thier sketchy bullpen, lack of much hitting at all, the potential of "Soup" and "Bushie" appearing/starting in multiple games,  and Yo at half stamina.
Tony Kornhieser is making MNF unwatchable.  I normally don't let too many announcers bother me, but he makes Dennis Miller look good.  His voice during a game is just bothersome to me.  I might have to stop watching PTI.  John Madden bothers me less, and he is bothersome.  Jerry Glanville was a better announcer.  Matt Millen was a better GM.  Dan is better in bed than TK is at announcing.


gotwinkies said...

How can the Twins be the least talented team to get in when they went 4-2 against Milwaukee?

Juicelaw said...

On paper, the Brewers should sweep the Twins. Talent has nothing to do with it.

I'll take CC over Brad Radke (I know, christ) any day of the week.

Mauer and Morneau are tough, but Chuck Knobolauch, Corey Koskie and Kirby Puckett wouldn't start right now for the Brewers.

gotwinkies said...

Justin Morneau vs. Ryan Braun? Are you kidding me?

I will concede that Sabbathia is better than any of Minnesota's pitching (and every other team's pitchers). However, I really don't see a glraing difference talent wise between the Brewers and Twins. Point out where the Brewer's talent is so much superior?

Juicelaw said...


Bear said...

I think our good friend Mr. twinkies might need some ointment for that burn