Friday, September 19, 2008

Weekend Preview

The highlight of this weekend is indisputably Packers v. Cowgirls.  Why would this game not be hyped at least as much if not more, than that piece of shit USC-Ohio St. game of last weekend?  I'm quite certain it will be much closer.  The only thing this game will be missing is the USC Song Girls.  They actually fucking named that game last weekend, "The Collision in the Coliseum".  I feel like I should name the Packer/Cowgirl game too.  I'm thinking either "Tilt in Titletown", "Lambasting at Lambeau", "Bash by the Bay" or "Whitewash in Wisco".  All of which are stupid.  And I don't really think the game will be a blowout.  I have no designs at all of trying to go to the game, not that I don't want to, but the fact that I will be spending approximately $1.4 million dollars at Oktoberfest next weekend, means it is probably not in the budget.  Especially considering what those tickets are probably going for.  I think both teams will move the ball well, but in the end, I think T.O. is going to be too much for Al Harris (see: Plexiglass in NFC Championship).  Cowboys 31, Packers 28.
U.W. has off.  I imagine they will be preparing to please me next Saturday against Michigan and riding tandem on mopeds while drunk.
I don't even want to talk about the Brewers.
I (2-0) am going turn the tables of police brutality against perennial doormat Officer Dan (1-1).  According to official OJSFA records (they exist!), Dan has the worst record amongst the owners who have been around for the whole 3 years.  I'm a little concerned however, that I haven't made a trade with Twinkie this week.


Dan said...

its a process, asshole. i was 2 and whatever the first year and climbed up to the middle of the pack last year. ocho cinco is about to bust out.

Bear said...

I think if you're counting on Mr. Ocho Cinco this year the only thing that is going to bust is your season

Juicelaw said...


I love that he didn't even deny it.