Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tarvaieroueous Comes Through

I just want to start out by thanking Travaroueues Jackson for existing (don't ever change), and for Brad Childress for starting him at quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings.  I knew in the end Trarvariuss would remember who he is when it counted most.   I would like to put up a gigantic middle finger to Jared Allen, Pat Williams, Darren Sharper, Ryan Longwell, Zigi Wulff and any other Viking related asshole that has been talking trash for the past six months about what they were going to do to the Packers in this game.
Now that I've done away with those pleasantries, let me give you a quick run down of how yesterday went for me.  About 1 p.m., I was sitting at my desk minding my own business (literally,  I think I was plotting some roster move in fantasy football) when my lovely wife calls and suggests we try to go to the game.  This was the first conversation we had about it, 5 hours before kickoff.  I spent about a half hour checking around, calling sketchos on "Craigslist" who had posted less than a half hour ago that they had tickets but had already sold them.  I finally found some reasonably priced tickets with a reputable broker and pulled the trigger.  Next, I had to figure out how I was going to get out of work early, seeing as I'm the lowest of low men on the totem pole, and I hadn't really done any actual work that day.  I pseudo snuck out the back door and squealed out of the parking lot to get home.
Once we both got home from work, I quickly threw on my green A.J. Hawk jersey and rolled out the door by about 3:30.  We are on our way to the game and the fucking ticket broker calls to tell us that they kinda, sorta sold our tickets that we bought, FOUR TIMES OVER.  After some finagling, and the wrath of my wife, they were able to get us tickets for $5 more, which is still bullshit, but we had tickets.
The atmosphere was pretty typical for a game, except it was kind of warm out which I'm not used to.  Couple of things I found interesting regarding the crowd itself: 1) It has been awhile since I've been to a Packer-Viking game, but there seemed to be a larger number of Viking fans than normal.  I think there were alot of market factors that went into play on that, however.  With the he who shall not be named situation, there were a flood of people unloading tickets in April and May for ridiculous amounts of money.  Also, ticket brokers ended up with a larger number than normal of them, and had to unload them on the cheap to recoup their funds.  So this led to more tickets being readily available on the secondary market.  There were alot of private people trying to get rid of them around town too, because it was a weird time (6:00 pm locally), there was a chance of rain, and people are fucking stupid.  So Viking fans were able to scoop up some extra ducats.  2) There were a shitload of he who shall not be named Jets jerseys at the game.  And actually there were far more than he who shall not be named Packer jerseys, which was surprising.  The wife and I had a conversation about it and came to a couple of important conclusions.  First, we realized that the he who shall not be named jersey was the number one seller because everyone in Green Bay apparently bought one, not New York.  Second, the dipshits that bought the jerseys to "send a message" to the Packer organization are dumb.  The Packers don't care if you show up naked as long as you a) spend between $60 and $500 on a game ticket, $50 on beer and $25 on food.  Plus its not as if these people just showed up and stayed silent.  They rooted for the Packers.  Just dumb.  3)  We had this moron behind us who was just angry at life and bitched and argued with everyone about everything.  He was even screaming at his elderly father to shut the fuck up, and called him stupid.  He made my brother and Bear seem like rays of sunshine by comparison.  I'm quite certain my brother would have gotten into a fistfight with the guy by the 13:00 mark of the 1st quarter. 4) There was a dude with a red mullet the row over.
As for the game itself, it was a really big win.  A Rodg played well, added the element of the run (which our last QB didn't have).  The penalties have to stop.  It was insane how much laundry was on the field.  Also, the Packers are lucky they didn't get fucked by the two extremely bad decisions McCarthy made: 1) whatever the fuck he was doing at the end of the 1st half when he didn't take a shot in the endzone with :25 left and 2) running up the middle on 3rd and 11 with their backup RB late in the 4th.  Otherwise, I can't complain much.  I don't think the Pack played great by any means, but well enough to beat an inferior and clearly overrated team with a shitty QB.  In the end Trevrarieaus was who we thought he was.

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