Thursday, September 18, 2008

Start of a New Era, End of Another?

Seems to me like all of the bullshit posturing by the Queens the whole offseason about how they couldn't possibly be interested in tampering with he who shall not be named, might have been....well, bullshit posturing.  So the "Super Bowl Contenders" and "prohibitive favorites in the NFC North" and "0-2" Minnesota Vikings are benching their "all-world" QB for journeyman Gus Ferotte (who, incidentally, I was lobbying for the Pack to sign this summer).  You have to ask yourself, How fucking stupid do the pundits feel now, that even Brad Childress (who by all accounts is a moron) doesn't have confidence enough in his QB to start in week 3.  How do these pundits feel when they all piled on the Viqueen bandwagon for no apparent reason in August, and anointed the Viqueens as a Super Bowl contender even though their offense consists of A-Peter left, A-Peter middle, and A-Peter right (or at least it should, but Childress is, again, a moron and keeps trying to pass).  They have no QB and no WR, and in case you missed Monday nights game, is not a recipe for success in today's NFL.  I am a bit torn, because Ferotte probably gives them a better chance to win, and I don't like that one bit.
I haven't seen an official report on Sheet's injury, but "right arm tightness" isn't good when you are a right handed pitcher.  The Crew has been tempting fate all year with him not getting injured significantly, so it sucks that it might happen now, when he is most needed.  FINALLY, we get our bats in gear to an extend, and FINALLY we win, but at what cost?  We can beat Cincy and Pittsburgh with me pitching, but is winning the playoffs even a possibility without him?  At his best he's unhittable, at worst he is Jeff Suppan.  Can CC pitch every game?  I would settle for getting in and getting swept quite frankly.  Maybe I'm just overreacting and he'll be fine.  But there is only 2 starts left, so missing even one is huge.  I still don't feel like we can possibly win enough games to get us in, but I guess I can hope.


gotwinkies said...

Holy shit. I was driving to file some paperwork and the Cubs were down to their final out, only to score 4 runs to tie the game.

That sucks if you are a Milwaukee fan.


And don't ask me why they broadcast the fucking Cubs in Northwestern Minnesota.

P.S. Ron Santo is fucking crazy.

Juicelaw said...

I am going to drive to Minnesota and kill you. Or just dispatch Ricky, he is closer.