Monday, September 22, 2008

Al Harris is Thirsty

Let me first start off by saying that Al Harris is not the only reason we lost the game last night.  In fact, he probably is a very small part.  But let me just say that an NFL player leaving a game in the first quarter with "cramping" is totally fucking unacceptable on a number of levels.  First of all, NFL players are world class athletes.  Second, they have been running around with helmets and pads on for probably about 20 years, so I would assume they would be used to the extra sweat that is produced.  Third, since they've been playing football for 20 years, they often play in extreme heat, so it would stand to reason that they had become dehydrated once or twice in the past, and should know how to take care of the fucking body that they rely on to make them millions of dollars.  Fourth,  Al Harris lives in (any may be from originally) Florida, and played college in Texas, both of which are much, much warmer than Wisconsin in September.  Fifth, it was fucking like 60 degrees last night, and was almost chilly.  So how the FUCK do you get so dehydrated, in the FIRST QUARTER, that you need multiple IV's and miss the game.  This same act got Deshawn Wynn cut last year.  So that pissed me off.
Clearly, some issues need to be cleared up for this team to be good.  The offensive line looked TERRIBLE.   Not much run blocking to speak of, and A-Rodg had about one second to throw before he was running for his life.  God help me if He who shall not be named has a big game tonight, because I'm sure the dipshits will come out of the woodwork to blame A-Rodg, even though 290 yds, 0 INT and one rushing TD isn't too bad.  I'm sure he held it too long a few times, but he had no time at all.
The running defense looked middle-school-ish as well.  Barber/Jones looked unstoppable.  The pass rush wasn't too bad, and the pass defense itself was pretty good except when Travon Williams neglected to try to do anything other than run along side that random asshole one that TD catch.  He had good position, was running stride for stride, looked at the ball....and did nothing as the receiver caught it and scored.  I would have to think if Al wasn't so thirsty he would have held or tackled him before that.
I think the Cowgirls are a little better than the Packers, but not as much as it seemed last night.  We've got some things to work on.  At least I destroyed Dan in fantasy football to go 3-0.

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Bear said...

Yea he was dehydrated, or his spleen was ruptured and he's out for the year now, same diff.