Friday, September 12, 2008

Weekend Preview

I'm actually fucking working for my paycheck today so I'll have to keep this relatively brief.  Nice sports weekend coming up. 
The Brewers have a very important series, however, their play reminds me of a crack baby fetus that was aborted from a 12 year old who was doing it with her brother.  Pretty much not all that appealing to me.  I'll watch, but I won't like it.  Yesterday, before I got sidetracked, I was going to write something up describing why I still felt the Brewers would make the playoffs despite how they are playing, and that all they probably had to do was go .500 in their last 16 to get in.  But, I just don't see it happening.  I don't see them flipping that switch even to win half of their fucking games.  To do it, they would need to for sure sweep Pittsburgh, and maybe Cincinnati too.  I'm not so sure Houston will ever lose again either, so even .500 might not do it.  I'm starting to feel creeping negativity.  Probably has to do with my lack of faith in about 98% of their roster to get a clutch hit (and that percentage has gone down with Gabe Kapler).
Big college football day Saturday, well night actually.  USC bending over Ohio St. (42-20), and UW taking on Fresno St.  I unfortunately don't see UW winning that game for some reason.  Maybe it is because it was my only loss on NCAA '09 that season.  I'm going to say 27-24 Fresno. (2-0 so far this season).
Sunday is the equivalent of everything that is right with the world: NFL and Fantasy Football.  The Pack takes on the Lionesses (whose play is eerily reminiscent of the Brewers) in Detroit.  A loss here seems pretty unlikely for the Packers, although division road games are never gimmes (Ex. 1 at Chicago last year).  The key is going to be the defenses ability to stop Megatron and Roy Williams.  I think they have moderate success there.  There is little reason to think the offense won't put up points.  I mean, the Lions gave up fucking 34 to the FALCONS last week.  If Grant plays, he runs for 175.  If not, I see Kregg Lumpkin (who?) getting 100 ala DeShawn Wynn.  Packers 31, Lions 13.  Also, I (1-0) am going to hose my brother (1-0), the loser of Tom Brady.  I will have a stable of Barber, Lynch and MoJo in the backfield that will be hard to stop.  He will have Ricky starting at QB.

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