Monday, September 15, 2008

Incoherent thoughts

Well, two weeks into the NFL season and I am nearly out of the fantasy football race and am second to last in my NFL pick'em pool (straight up with no spread). To make a long story short, I am getting really nervous about both of my legs getting broken by the end of the winter. As far as fantasy goes, I am going to have to be the big man and squarely place all the blame on everybody else in the league, seeings as we cannot seem to schedule a draft within 1,000 miles of my house, and which in turn means I cannot come, which means I have to rely on a drunk consensus of everybody to make shitty picks for me, because I am too stupid to turn in a list ahead of time. Thanks alot assholes. On a related note, I am having an exclusive "every running back must go" fire sale, offering the exclusive 2 for 1 combo of DeAngelo "I split time with Jon Stewart" Williams and Ronnie Brown's corpse. What do I expect to get from them? I was hoping of an offer consisting of Marc Bulger and Tatum Bell, but that may be a stretch.

If McNabb and DeSean Jackson combine to score approximately 37 points tonight, without Greg Lewis scoring any points, then I have a chance to come from behind, just like I did with Dan's mom last night.

And, just to keep you all updated, my high school team lost 34-0 on Friday, which gives them approximately 0 points on the season and an perfect 0-2 record.

Vikings and Dolphins suck. WYoming barely survived to beat FCS powerhouse North Dakota State, and Riverton High is horrid. I continue to live in a football hell. My only shimmering light this fall is the Twin's playoff chances, which currently however somewhere between "not likely" and "life support"

On a final note, WYO travels to the evil Zion land of Provo, UT this week, which is sure to result in an ass kicking by the mormons, 3 horny BYU co-eds getting knocked up, and over 500 unauthorized alcoholic and caffeine drinks being consumed.

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gotwinkies said...

Actually, I need more like 41 points to overtake Schmock.