Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Evil Empire

Wyoming takes on BYU this week or as I like to call it, the evil empire behind the Zion curtain. I cannot explain my hatred for BYU here in writing, but let's just say it is on the same level as Wisconsin vs. Minnesota or about 85,000 notches above UW Lacrosee vs. UW River-Falls. In fact, the Wisco-MN is a good comparison because Minnesota has sucked for so long that it kind of has diminished the rivarly, kind of like Wyoming. None the less, WYO travels to the valley of the shadow of death on Saturday (pictured above). It makes you wonder if they purposely located everything behind a big mountain, simply so they could make it harder to leave, so as to convert you to their school. I have never been to a BYU game in Provo, only because I fear to see the type of things they likely do to women and children there (and because WYO has sucked too bad for me to justify forking out the money). The line is BYU by 29.5. So, if you are interested in doubling your investment, take BYU to cover, as our offensive is two grades below shitty and they are really fucking good with all their 29 year olds and shit from Polynesia and Samoa. By the way, the picture with the BYU kid looks like our law school class, except we had about 20 more smelly BYU kids. So, in short, Fuck you BYU.

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Juicelaw said...

I've been there man. I SAW the fucking main temple thingy and "Temple Square" in Salt Lake. It sort of freaked me the fuck out.
And yeah, they are going to impregnate all of the WYO drunk/groupie/meth bitches.

PS. I met a dude (client) from Minot, ND yesterday. Pretty sure he was high on meth.