Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm Giddy

Besides the impending Oktoberfest (Did I mention Oktoberfest is this weekend?), I had one more thing that is keeping me from working very hard today: Fantasy Football.  There were two developments in the last two days that I found to be hilarious and that I thought needed to be shared with the world (or the two people besides me that read this).
1) Twinkies didn't start Ronnie Brown yesterday and he ran for 4 TD's and threw for another.  I enjoyed this because besides my brother, Twinkies has the worst luck of anyone.  There was no reason at all that he should have started Brown, but I enjoy the misery of others when a guy scores like 50 points on the bench (see Kevin Curtis and Schmock last year).  Enjoy the two TDs he'll get the rest of the year.
2) Twinkies cut Derek Anderson, who was one of his three keepers.  Leaving him with only Larry Fitzgerald (he traded me MoJo Drew already).  Larry, I would be careful, you are an ankle sprain or dropped pass away from being on the streets.  I find this enjoyable because we are only two years removed from the Shaun Alexander incident, which nearly gave my brother a mental breakdown, even though in retrospect, cutting him wasn't a terrible decision (even though he could've traded him).  But the aftermath was awesome.

1 comment:

gotwinkies said...

Aww yes. It sucks to have the most scrutinized team in the league.

Are you suggesting that I should have kept Anderson around?

If you are going to analyze it like that, than you should mention that I parlayed M JO into McNabb. You wouldn't call that a horrible move, would you?