Monday, September 8, 2008


Tom Brady looks like he's probably done for the year.  There are so many different emotions happening at the same time that it feels weird.  My first reaction was joy.  This is likely a sad reflection of my status as a human being.  However, the emotion wasn't towards Brady himself.  He seems like a fine enough individual, and even though I dislike him because next to Derek Jeter he probably has the best life of any human being on planet earth and karma is a dirty slut; I don't wish harm to him.  I do wish harm upon Patriot fan, and really Boston fans as a group.  They are fucking annoying, and feel entitled to all the success they have.  So the joy came from tasting the tears of all the douches with their Sawx hats and Drew Bledsoe jerseys on.  The next reaction was to laugh.  I laugh because fucking Bear, whom I can't trust further than I can throw, fucking unloaded Brady the day before for 75 cents on the dollar.  It was like he knew.  I also laugh because my brother was on the receiving end of that kick in the nuts.  Now not only does he not have Brady, but he doesn't have Reggie Wayne (or Matt Cassell for that matter, who was scooped up by Schmock). 
What I wished for so hard last season finally happened, but I feel a little cheated.  I wish they could've got off to like 9-0 and THEN broke his knee into a million pieces.  Then I wouldn't feel cheated.
Other thoughts on the weekend that was: 1) What the fuck happened with the Bears/Colts, Panthers/Chargers?  The Bears looked an awful lot like that shitty Super Bowl team two years ago.  2) What I remember of the Brewer game Saturday was pretty awesome.  Two straight CG shutouts for Sheets when I go.  Had the best seats I've ever had.  Had I been allowed to purchase a beer in the 8th (fucking fascists) I might have punched the fat bitch in front of me in the face over the foul ball that came into my section.  3) Had a mind blowing hangover yesterday, even though the party was pretty weak (bed by 1) by most standards.  Part of the hangover may have been caused by having to put together patio furniture.
Finally, my pants are positively jumping with delight right now.  I swear that I could smell brats when I crossed the bridge near Lambeau on my way to work.  GO PACK GO!

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