Sunday, September 14, 2008

Some thoughts from this Sunday

Alright, these are just thoughts rolling around in the ole melon. First of all, I have to completely agree with Juice about those stupid tuscani pasta commercials by Pizza Hut. I had seen them before but I hadn't seen the new ones with the mac n cheese and bacon. First of all, what does this restaurant have for a menu? Ok here's our pasta section, you can only choose 4 very specific variations and then one of them is macaroni, cheese and bacon? Sounds like something a college student eats on a Tuesday night. Now replace that bacon with some hot dogs and you got yourself a meal.

So the Chargers - Broncos game was pretty good. The referee with the biggest biceps in the history of the NFL made probably one of the biggest mistakes that directly affected the outcome of a game. Once again inadvertent whistles screw up what was a very obvious and easy call to make. The fun stuff started at the end with one of the announcers just sounding like an idiot. First of all after the Broncos went for two, he started screaming like a little girl saying the Broncos won, I looked over at TJ and said, isn't there 24 seconds left in this game? Then after a few seconds of silence the announcer said, ah there is 24 seconds left in the game and we don't have a game clock up here in the booth. Yea well, you've been following the game for the last 59 and a half minutes, maybe you should be paying attention to shit like that? And then a few plays later, Chambers almost makes a great catch falling out of bounds, but he was ruled out, that same announcer then makes the following comment, "And he wasn't even touched as he was coming down", as if to imply that there was still a force out rule. Wasn't that kind of a big deal during the off season? That they got rid of that rule? Maybe instead of taking the spring and summer off, you should do some fucking homework and research about the sport that is writing your paychecks for you.

Rodgers seemed solid today, I wouldn't know he looked however because I live in a terrible part of the state and was unable to watch the game on TV, so I was forced to listen to the radio, got a little freaked out after the second Calvin Johnson TD, but luckily the lead singer of the Smashing Pumpkins, Jon Kitna, sucks.

Also, one last note on the Broncos - Chargers game, do anyone else feel like Shanahan went for 2 because he felt bad for that fucked up call? I know it seems like a stupid thing to even consider, but I feel like that's what happened there.

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