Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tasting the Tears of Others, Picks and Oktoberfest Preview Extravaganza!

Holy shit, the Brewers are tied again.  The feeling right now is completely different than it was the last time we were tied.  This time, I feel like we have some momentum.  My favorite part about last night (besides the Brewers win of course) was the excruciating pain and panic that was spreading through Mets fan last night.  Those assholes totally feel entitled to be in the playoffs because they spent $400 million on players or whatever.  Every time the Cubs did anything last night, they would show a Mets fan in the stands with his face in his hands.  I mean, a first inning walk was the end of the world.  Those people have it rough, to have to root for a guaranteed contender every year.  The best was after the collapse was complete, they would hone in on a few of these pricks, and the look on their face was priceless.  It was like they just got a phone call that their entire extended family was raped, murdered, raped again, and then burned.  It was unreal.  Needless to say, I reveled in their misfortune.
Quick Picks for Week 4:
Last Week: 7-9
Season: 21-25-1
Ten (-3), Den (-9.5), NO (-5.5), NYJ (-1.5), GB (+1), Car (-7), Jax (-7.5), Cin (-3.5), SD (-7), Buf (-8), Was (+11), Phi (-3), Pit (-6.5)
We are now 26 hours, 54 minutes and 51 seconds away from the first Oktoberfest drink of 2008.  It is going to be super-fantastical to say the least.  It is also pretty fantastic that there is going to be appointment-viewing baseball on Friday and Saturday, as well as Badger football.  To go along with the fact that the weather is going to be warm, and there will likely be sluts peddling their wares (for Dan's eyes only of course).  I predict that I will watch the Brewer game Friday, but remember next to none of it.  Saturday semi-sucks in the fact that the Badger-Michigan game (normally the highlight of Saturday) is on at basically the same time as the Brewer-Cub game.  I'm hoping that the televisions are tuned accordingly to allow viewing of both.  My suggestion would be sound and corresponding music on the football game, but plenty TV's tuned to baseball as well.  Between those two games, and the 1000 gallons of alcohol I plan to drink, I'm pretty sure I might die from either a heart attack or my head exploding.  I am jacked up beyond belief.  I'm not even sure I can adequately expound on the Packer-Bucs game Sunday (set to DVR because I may not get back by noon).  Predictions: Badgers 20, Michigan 10; Packers 21, Bucs 20; Brewers win 3 out of last four, Mets go 2-2, Brewers get in outright; Mets fan shits in his pants on live TV.

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