Monday, September 29, 2008

Oktoberfest Overview

-Badger game sucked balls.

-I barely remember either Brewer game (see last post).

-It was generally a skeleton crew. A large number of regulars were missing and/or out of action.

- That fat bitch who is friends of nobody I know, that decided to tie her shirt up so her fat, fucking, c-sectioned stomach stuck out, and her back fat clapped? I almost committed murder....only her fucking fat kept her from feeling pain, so I just had another drink. But seriously, who the fuck was that bitch, and why did she hang around us all fucking day?

-That guy at Brother's is still trying to find the Badger game and the Brewer game on the satellite.

-Donald is still trying to find the Grand Stay Inn.

-Dan is still trying to get Brother's to open an hour he can show up 3 hours late.

- I am still sitting at Brother's by myself at 9am drinking, and being stared at. I am also still screaming at Richard on the phone "Are we in Russia?"

-Dan and I are still blaming Schmock for the Badger's loss. (Because he wasn't there).

- I am still trying to figure out how to get "Brown Sugar" (our waitress at Hooter's) elected as our next Senator.

-I am still trying to figure out how those douche bags were drinking in my hotel elevator at 10 am yesterday.

-I am still trying to figure out how it was possible that my body was able to retain all 50 drinks I had on Saturday, so that I was able to vomit it all out at once when I got back to my hotel. By the way, drinking 30 screwdrivers isn't as enjoyable coming back up.

-I'm still trying to figure out how the Packers looked that poor yesterday. The run offense and defense sucked badly. Ryan Grant needs to be sent a message I think. The pass defense did everything they could to keep them in it, but to no avail. Lets hope the Matt Flynn era doesn't begin Sunday. Mike Turner might run for 200 on us next week. There is a 439% chance that Game 4 of the Brewer series is on at the same time as the Packers next week.

-I'm still waiting to find out what Ricky lost.

-I'm still wondering how many "stranglers" there were at my hotel before they locked the side door even for people with fucking keys.

-I'm still wondering how long Zeus from "No Holds Barred" (the shitty bartender at shitty Shooters) went on stealing fucking change from people before someone busted a bottle over his head.

-I can't wait till next year.


champ said...

I need to revise my Oktoberfest plans. I somehow manage to black out for 50% of the weekend yet assume that I must have had fun. Next year I am going for 40%, then the year after 30%. I will make this a gradual progression until I stop at 10%. On a positive note, I did not lose anything! Don did that for me.

Juicelaw said...

You don't remember you, me, Tamara and Dan running a train on Brown Sugar?