Tuesday, September 23, 2008

T.K. and That Feeling In the Pit of My Stomach

- I LOVE NFL football.  Absolutely LOVE IT.  Probably in an unhealthy fashion.  I will generally watch about 80-90% of all that is on every Sunday, and at least half of the Monday night game depending on what else is going on, whether it is meaningful fantasy-wise and whether I feel like watching it on a 20" lo-def TV in the bedroom.  But I didn't even make it to kickoff last night.  I couldn't.  And you know why?  Because in case you haven't heard, He who shall not be named plays for the Jets, and Oh My!, he used to play QB for the Packers.....and Tony Kornhieser is fucking annoying.  I was watching about 15 minutes before kickoff, and Kornhieser said His name like 45 times.  You would have thought He was going to be playing catch with himself for 3 hours.  I couldn't stomach it.  I went with Family Guy reruns and a show I had never seen before which is pretty funny "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" instead.  I actually forgot it was even on until I was in the shower this morning.  I was pretty happy to see the Jets got their asses kicked and He played one of His classic games where he should have thrown 9 picks, but only threw 2 (but one got run back).  I really like Tony Kornhieser generally, I enjoy PTI immensely, but I cannot stand him in the booth.  He's gotta go.
- This morning, the receptionist who enjoys saying things to piss me off, who also happens to be my bosses wife, came into my office to talk about "the game" last night (which I hadn't watched).  This is a woman who has lived in the GB area her whole life and professes to be a Packer fan, etc.  And then she referred to the JETS as "we".  I'm sure I didn't do a good job of hiding my contempt.  "We"?  Fucking really?  And then she was talking about how bad "we" looked.  And how bad she feels for Him because he played so bad.  What the fuck is going on the world?  Are we in Russia?  People are so fucking stupid.
- You know what that feeling is in the pit of my stomach?  Might it be hope?  Those fucking Brewers have a way of sucking me back in, even when they don't deserve it.  How does a team go 5-15, and somehow appear to be gaining ground again in the playoff race.  I guess because the Mets are also completely inept.  We are only ONE fucking game out.  And we only won like 2 out of our last 6.  I don't even know how this is mathematically possible.  I guess I have to be a Cubs fan for the next three days.  Realistically, we could be tied or ahead going into the weekend.  The Pirates are awful, and a sweep wouldn't be ridiculous, even as bad as we've been lately.  And a Cubs sweep of the Mets isn't insane either.  We might even be able to lose one to the Cubs and be in a one game playoff with the Mets.  I guess it's worth tracking, although I don't know if I can get my hopes up again, or garner up the strength to watch.


Bear said...

You'd never seen It's Always Sunny before last night? Do yourself a favor and either download all the episodes or snag some of the season DVD's, that show is beyond hilarious.

gotwinkies said...

I find it ironic that the Twins are in a similar situation. They keep losing, yet Chicago never gains any ground, because they can't win when the Twins lose. Yet, Chicago always wins when the Twins win. Big three game series starting tonight at, where? Everybody's favorite indoor stadium, THE GARBAGE PIT!

GO TWINKIES. Burn in hell Ozzie Guillen.