Monday, September 15, 2008

The F*&^ Plane Has Crashed Into the F#*(@&)$ Mountain

The Brewers have single handedly ruined what was turning out to be a great weekend to be a sports fan in Wisconsin.  Nice game from the Packers, big win from the Badgers.  Optimism all around.  That was until I thought about the Brewers.  They went to Philly and not only shit the bed, but rolled around in it, and then the Phillies made them eat it, shit it out again and eat it again along with a bunch of Philly shit.  There really aren't words to describe what happened.  The Brewers were the best team in baseball from the All-Star Break until September 1st.  And then they went 3-11.  They really don't even seem like they care.  Neddy's solution is just to play through it.  But really, there are no good answers.  Everyone hit a slump at the same time.  The only saving grace is that CC and Sheets are pitching 6 out of the last 12.  We pretty much need both of them to bring their A games and get all 6 of those.  Then, hope we can score more than 2 runs in a game, and bat better than .007 with RISP for at least a few of the other games and scrape together a few wins.  Realistically, we need either another Mets collapse, or we need to finish win about 9 out of our last 12 and somehow hope the Phillies win less to get in.  The division is gone.  According to, about a month ago, the Crew had about a 95% chance of getting into the playoffs.  That number is now around 46%.  The last month of the regular season in baseball is the easiest to ignore because of all the football/new TV shows on.  But goddamn it is this frustrating.  It also made me ill to see the Cubs dancing around on the field at Miller Park after Zambrano's no-no. 

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