Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Completely Insane Top 25

I've been randomly doing this for awhile now. Here is my Top 25 list after one game. I think the real polls and the BCS are generally crocks of shit. I am willing to admit there are folks who know alot more than I do, especially with the talent level and potential of given teams. Those opinions have almost no weight in my poll. Weight is given only as a starting point for consideration because there are well over 100 teams and I don't really have time to analyze all of them. My poll takes into account who you play, where you play them and if you won. After one game, my poll is pretty fucked up, but ends up looking alot like the "real" polls by the end of the year. The message I have is: Why reward a team for playing a I-AA team? Eventually, "Number 1" Georgia will move up, but in my opinion Alabama's neutral site win against a "Top 10" team was the most impressive win so far.

1. Alabama 1-0
2. Missouri 1-0
3. East Carolina 1-0
4. USC 1-0
5. Wake Forest 1-0
6. UCLA 1-0
7. Kentucky 1-0
8. Utah 1-0
9. TCU 1-0
10. Oklahoma St. 1-0
11. Boston College 1-0
12. Fresno St. 1-0
13. Florida 1-0
14. Auburn 1-0
15. Texas 1-0
16. Wisconsin 1-0
17. Kansas 1-0
18. Oregon 1-0
19. South Carolina 1-0
20. Cal 1-0
21. Nebraska 1-0
22. Georgia 1-0
23. Ohio St. 1-0
24. Oklahoma 1-0
25. LSU 1-0


gotwinkies said...

No BYU? I hate them, but they are good. At least top 25. I am surprised you have TCU and UTah in top 10. That would make the Mountain West the second best conference behind the SEC I believe.

WYO will beat either TCU, BYU or Utah. We will NOT lose all 3 games. Mark my words.

Juicelaw said...

BYU beat a I-AA team. Not impressed so far. Although I like them too.
Pretty sad that winning one of three is cause for celebration.