Monday, September 8, 2008

Wow, part II

This may be my final season of fantasy football, football pools and gambling on the NFL forever. I don't even know where to begin. The shitty ass Bears beat the heavily favored Colts in Indianopolis. Fast Willie scores as many TD's in the first game as his entire 2007 total (and I fucking let him go). The Falcons and Bills are suddenly playoff contenders. Tennesse controls Jacksonville for the win. I am under .500 this week in my pool, and that is straight up with no lines!

My ff team is about as shitty as it gets and I don't see it getting any better (despite the 20 fucking random moves I will be making over the next 24 hours). If anybody has a starting running back that can generate more than 10 points a game, please make me an offer. I will take nearly anything. MJD has suddenly fallen off the planet. Rudi Johnson and Julius Jones are backups, at best. My only hope is that Marion Barber is injured bad enough to keep him out, then Felix Jones can get some more carries.

As mentioned on the ff website, the Shaun Alexander waiver continues to fuck people over. (Over the next couple of years, I predict everybody will be impaced by this move in a negative way at least once). I would be better off flipping a coin in my pool than analyzing the matchups and logically trying to make a pick. My fantasy team will start out 0-7, and in the eighth week I might get matched up against one of those guys who quits putting in starting rosters and I will get my first win.

To sum it up, everything sucks in my football world, including Wyoming who was destroyed and dominated by Air Force. My only hope is that my high school team won on Friday. I think I will look it up.


gotwinkies said...

Just for the record, my high school team lost 48-0.


Juicelaw said...

Dude. You are upset.