Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Am I Guilty?

I have to confess that I turned out to be entertained by Texans v. Viqueens last night. But it wasn't just your average exhibition game football tuneup.

For instance, Sunday night, I tuned in for the Bears v. Broncos for 20 minutes or so to check out how the Bears looked, etc., but I didn't really give a shit about any of it. I just like watching any football at this point, so it was nice for a few minutes, until the paint drying on the wall caught my attention.

But last night was different. I had zero intention of watching, as it still bugs the shit out of me to see Him in a purple jersey. It ended up sort of accidentally being on, because ESPN is generally the default station for me (regrettably there are no better options yet). And I found myself yelling at the TV as if the Texans were the Packers. My hatred is so strong (and my wife's too I guess) that I was actively rooting for something bad to happen to Him. And not just in the "I always root for something bad to happen to the Bears, Viqueens and Lions" kind of way. This was visceral and pure.

Last year, I couldn't handle watching Him because a) the Jets sucked, b) I had no bad feelings towards them, c) what happened with them didn't affect GB and d) I was bitter about how the local media handled carrying the games, and I hated Him so fucking much. So if forced, I would watch, and hope He fell on his face, but in the end other than being slightly annoyed when he didn't, it didn't really affect my life. This year, none of those things are true. What happens with Him directly affects the Packers. So there is even MORE reason to cheer hard for my second favorite team (whomever is playing the Viqueens).

Regarding last night, I gotta say, Jon Gruden is fucking annoying. He fucking LOVES him some He Who Shall Not Be Named. The broadcast was difficult to watch because he was getting ALL the credit for throwing a pass three yards behind the line of scrimmage, and then having the receiver break 6 tackles for a 12 yard gain. As if Treaveiaous couldn't have done the same thing.

His "touchdown pass" was a fucking designed screen play, that resulted in a score because of poor defense and a nice run by Taylor. If anything, Chilly deserves credit (shudder) for calling the play. At one point Gruden was heaping praise of Him for "making the correct read" and "putting the receiver in a position to make the play" when He threw a pass 10 yards over a receivers head, while the receiver was double covered. Well, if Sidney Rice turned into fucking Carl Lewis and somehow was able to run a 3.7-40, then he might have been in a position to make a play. Otherwise, he overthrew a pass. Which isn't the worst thing in the world, but certainly not praiseworthy. He completed ONE pass that traveled over 11 yards last night. Travearious could have easily done the same thing. He played a solid game, but he was certainly no A-Rodg. That and the Texans defense was awful. I'm not worried.

Lastly, everyone was pretty fucking proud of that asshole nearly ending the career of the Texans d-back on that illegal chop block. It was all a big joke (to anyone whose knees were not illegally taken out). He is seriously a moron for even attempting to make that block.

And how many "injuries" is he going to make up as the year goes on? We are already on number two (cracked rib) and the regular season hasn't started yet. (Sports Bottle's) god forbid he take responsibility for his inevitable 4 INT performance at some point this year.

Oh, and I'm sorry I made the Queens money by watching last night.


Ricky said...

I now know why many people did not like, ok I will do it, HE when he played for the Pack. That same shit that Gruden was doing last night happened for 16 years when he played for the Pack. Now it makes me want to jump through the TV and strangle them.

He looked ok and still surprisingly mobile for going on 40. If he stays healthy I may be worried. If they are smart enough to continue to use him like they did last night, 90% screen plays, they will be tough to stop.

Bear said...

I thought the same thing on that Rice pass, he overthrew him by almost 10 yards, granted no one could catch the ball and it's not a bad throw if you have no other options, but it's not like he was making some brilliant pass to bust open the coverage. The DBs were all over Rice and he would have had to make a great catch, if he ever caught up to the ball, to make any kind of play there.