Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Alright, I lied about it being my last post of the week. I meant the last long post. Anyways, Aaron Rouse was just let go, despite the fact that he was a starter, and despite the fact that everyone else is injured, and despite the fact that the guy we signed to replace him doesn't know the defense and won't be able to contribute this week. Bueller? Bueller? If this means a Jarrett Bush start, I'm going to stop by Lambeau on my way home and leave a bag of flaming shit.

PS. I'm glad I picked up Laurent Robinson. I may just have to start him this week.


Bear said...

Rouse was hurt too and granted yes, he is probably a better option than Bush, he also got burnt and fucked up his coverage multiple times last weekend when he had to come in and Bush, and this is strictly what the roster chart says, can play corner, so they probably decided a shitty multiple position player was more valuable than a guy who can just play shitty safety

Juicelaw said...

I'm not even saying Rouse is better than the dude we picked up. I'm just saying short term we are fucked.