Monday, September 28, 2009

Fantastic ESPN poll link

Now it goes without saying that Brett Favre is the hands down greatest QB of all time, who's love of the game inspires greatness in all of us and who's child-like playful antics on the field make us all reflect a little gentler on our own hardships in life. His amazing run of dominating 4th quarter comeback drives continued on Sunday when he dutifully heaved a 30 yard pass into the back of the end zone for some random no name receiver(who's probably wearing a brand new pair of Wranglers this morning thanks to that catch). The big inflatable toilet erupted into chaos as this manchild of the football gridiron succeeded once again.

Ok enough of my Peter King impersonation. I'll give him this, he did it again, whoopah. TJack would have made that pass. Still, this is one hilarious ESPN poll link. I'm attributing the 45% who voted on the Favre play to Western Wisconsin Vikings fans(6%), true blue Favre homers who could never stop loving the man(7%), Wisconsinites who truly felt it was the best play(3%) and a Florida presidential election-esque voting page that registered votes for Driver's catch as votes for Favre's play(29%).

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