Thursday, September 17, 2009

Picks and Preview

Ten (-6.5), NO (Pk), NE (-3.5), GB (-9), Oak (+3), Jax (-3), Min (-10), Atl (-6), Was (-9.5), Buf (-5), Sea (+1.5), SD (-3), Den (-3), Pit (-3), NYG (+2.5), Ind (-3)

Last Week: 6-10
Season: 6-10
All-Time: 140-136-7


Packers Running O v. Bengals Running D

Edge: Bengals. Ryan Grant = Yawn

Packers Passing O v. Bengals Passing D

Edge: Packers. A-Rodg is going to go mental assuming he isn't killed by whomever lines up across from Barbre.

Packers Running D v. Bengals Running O

Edge: Push

Packers Passing D v. Bengals Passing O

Edge: Bengals. Ocho and Chris Henry are pretty good. Pack was a little shaky when Cutler had any time at all, or when the weren't intercepting.

Special Teams

Edge: Bengals. I wouldn't be angry if we were looking to dump Crosby. No confidence at all.


Edge: Packers. Marvin Lewis is not a good coach.


Edge: Push


Edge: Push. Packers crowd won't be that crazy because a) it is a Milwaukee game, b) we are playing the Bengals. Also, I think Ocho is already in their heads. Unless he does a leap and is murdered. Then I'm giving a slight edge to the Packers.

Prediction: Packers 34, Bengals 20


Playing something called Wofford. Badgers 41, Wofford 17

Coming Tomorrow (probably): OJSFA Week 2 Preview


Bear said...

You do realize that Chris Henry is the #4 receiver in that offense right? They don't like the kid anymore for some reason, they moved Caldwell ahead of him in 3 WR sets

Juicelaw said...

And I didn't even mention L. Coles who may or may not be a corpse. That is how much I think of him.

Bear said...

They threw to LVC last week, he just dropped like 4 passes or something like that. I know this because he's on one of my fantasy teams

Juicelaw said...

Fuck your fantasy team. Also, quit fucking up my work email. Because I set the lines, you will be a heavy underdog this week.