Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I Wish I Was 18 Again (and other stuff)

It has come to my attention that college is starting back up again. Man, do I fucking miss college. Not the class part, or the having no money part (although somehow I had more back then when I made $7.00/hr 10 hours a week), but the getting totally fucked up and having no responsibilities other than not killing yourself part. College was certainly at its best once everyone was 21, but I still remember that first day at UW-La Crosse like it was yesterday. The warm weather, getting dizzy from trying to look at all the strange, hot chicks that I would never, ever have sexual relations with, and of course, the getting totally fucked up at some random house on Red Dog and Icehouse. I'm pretty sure it was some frat party, which caused me right then and there, to hate fucking frats. But I remember meeting a bunch of dudes that I'm still friends with to this day (including SportsBottle and Schmock) and borrowing money to some random guy who was hanging out with them (Jay). All of this is semi-relived each September at Oktoberfest (23 days!!), but nothing can replace the sheer mental overload of that first day.


I'm involved in a fantasy football league with, which is a Packer blog. Winner gets a t-shirt. It is a 12 team league, and somehow I like my team alot better than my OJSFA team. Yet my draft strategy backfired again when I ended up with T.O. and Roy Williams as my starting WRs (both of whom I 2003). I did get far more depth, so I should be fine. Draft #3 coming on Sunday night, where I'm thinking of experimenting and going autodraft to see what happens.

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