Wednesday, September 9, 2009

That Feeling In My Stomach

I'm eternally an optimist. It may not seem that way because of how much I bitch and moan. But seriously, I try to look at the bright side of everything, give real people the benefit of the doubt (not celebrities or athletes, because fuck them) and live life to the fullest.

Same goes for my views on my sports teams. For instance, I'm buying into the Packer hype, and I'm feeling pretty good about their chances. The electricity in GB is slowly building towards Sunday, and we are all hoping for that explosion on Sunday night.

But I'm starting to get a bad feeling down in the pit of my stomach as it relates to the Packers and here is why. Every year, there is a team that starts out as a deep sleeper for the Super Bowl that is coming off of a subpar season, starts getting a little hype, has a huge preseason, and is suddenly the sexy "sleeper" pick for the Super Bowl. And then that team shits the bed. Unfortunately, I am getting the feeling that this year's sexy pick is the Green Bay Packers. And I say this because last night on my favorite network, there was an "Experts Roundtable" season preview show. At the end, the four "experts" had to make a Super Bowl prediction. And TWO of the four (Mort and Schefter) picked the Packers to win the NFC. Normally, I would be elated. But for a team that did not make the playoffs last year to become a trendy pick doesn't really make a lot of sense to me (even though I picked them to win the division), and has almost always turned into bad luck. I dunno, maybe it is just superstition, but that makes three "experts" (Mike Lombardi) that have picked the Packers.

IN UNRELATED NEWS: My wife used the word "titties" last night. And I scolded her for it. That is a word that only guys are able to use. Also on this list: "vag", "snatch", "gash", "titty balls", "titays", "melons", any other slang word used to describe the female anatomy, any slang term used to describe the male anatomy except "cock" and "dick".


holly said...

No, I see where you're coming from. What keeps me sane is, oddly enough, this quote from Deadspin's season preview: "Last year, the Packers went 6-10 despite outscoring the opposition by 39 points, the kind of statistical anomaly that foretells a quick turnaround." (, if you haven't read it yet) I'm not as optimistic as some are, but I absolutely think that with health and time, all the pieces can come together for us this season. I think we've addressed (or attempted to) the weakest spots of our team, and now it's up to the team to see if those 7 losses inside 4 points can turn into at least a few Ws.

The Sports Bottle said...

Is that another random person reading this one man blog? You're gaining notoriety Juice.

Thanks for reading, Holly.