Wednesday, September 16, 2009

That Guy

There are alot of people who can be referred to as "That Guy". They are people, when described, everyone has run into, and universally dislikes. Today, I'm going to discuss "That Guy" that is sitting like two rows in front of you at a Packer game and feels the need to turn around and scream in your general direction to cheer louder, or stand up, about every 30 seconds for 3 hours.

Sunday night that guy was a few rows in front of me. We were sitting about 8 rows from the top at Lambeau, so he would turn his back to the field, and the 90 rows of seats in front of him, to yell at the ten rows behind him to cheer louder, or to stand up. This annoys the shit out of me. First of all, you are screaming at me. Stop.

Second, I fucking know when to go out of my way to scream and jump up and down and whatever. So shut the fuck up.

Third, you don't. Because it is halftime and a dude is trying to throw a football through the back window of a truck. Why don't you have another beer so you can beat your ugly ass wife when you get home and realize you have to pour concrete hung over tomorrow morning for $8/hour in 90 degree weather you piece of shit.

And believe me, you have to be pretty fucking obnoxious for me to be upset at you for being drunk. This dude had that reddish tint to his face, and crazy look in his eye, like he had about 13 too many Natty Ices in the parking lot.

Also, his wife almost got in a fist fight because she would NOT sit down. Which is another "That Guy". I vacillate between being bothered when people yell at people to sit down at a sporting event, and the people who never sit down. I generally agree you are allowed to stand up at any semi exciting moment, and if you can't also stand up, then you shouldn't be there. However, if EVERYONE in front of you is sitting down, there isn't a reason to block everyone's view behind you because you feel you need to scream at Aaron Rodgers from the 90th row on 1st down. You can easily jump up for a big play or whatever.

OK back to the drunk husband. Mind your own fucking business dude. And stop screaming at everyone to yell when the Packers have the ball on third down. That is one time to shut the fuck up so that our fucking team can hear the snap count. And I always feel like that dude is staring directly at me the whole game. Turn around and watch the fucking game you asshole. And stop spending every free moment trying to make friends with the chick in my row who tried to fight your stupid ass wife because she wouldn't sit down. You'll never see this person again. Why do you care so much if she hates you? I fucking hate you, but I'm too nice to start calling you a fucktard and telling you to stop fucking screaming at me. Fuck. I got alot more upset than I meant to.

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