Monday, September 21, 2009

Not Good At All

There is nothing more likely to ruin a perfectly good week heading up to Oktoberfest, and nothing more likely to lead to a completely unproductive week at work, and a little extra blackout, than the Packers shitting down their leg on the Sunday before to an inferior team (probably).

I realize that last sentence was really like 4 sentences, but fuck you, and fuck everyone on the Packers "defense" except for Charles Woodson. And Woodson probably blatanly gave up an easy touchdown, but also had 2 picks, one for a TD, and like 43 tackles. I'm pretty sure that if tackles were an official NFL stat, he would have set some kind of record. And it isn't a good sign when a smallish corner easily leads your team in tackles. Also, it isn't a good sign when many of those were around the line of scrimmage, meaning that he so easily read run that the plays weren't even masked, and yet nobody else could get near the ball. Our front seven got DOMINATED by the Bengals.

Also dominated? Our offensive line. One guy had FIVE sacks? Also, A-Rodg had somewhere between .1 seconds and 1 second to throw every single pass. And yet nobody was open. And when the receivers were open, and Rodgers managed to find them, they dropped it (at least 5 drops). And I'm not letting A-Rodg off the hook either. Fucking throw the ball away. He takes so many sacks, it is frustrating. One bit of credit, at least he doesn't do what our old QB did and throw it into coverage instead of taking a sack.

Also, Ryan Grant is still below average.

And Mason Crosby is well below average at this point. Can we bring in a free agent for a look? I've got NO confidence in him at this point. And I bet he doesn't have much either. I'm not saying you need to make every 50 plus yarder to take. But 50% would be nice. And at least tease me with a possible make instead of being so far wide that it hits McCarthy in the face, who was somehow standing behind him. That was just a poor effort.

So yeah. Not good. Not sure what to even think about it. Maybe Cincinnati is good? I mean, they should be 2-0 right now. Of course, the Packers should be 0-2. On the bright side, we are playing possibly the worst team in the league next week in St. Louis. But I don't know how we could be favored right now to be honest. Don't we need to win a home game against a team that on paper we should have destroyed? Because if we don't win most of these early games, our schedule doesn't get any easier, and we are going to have a helluva time getting to 9 or 10 wins.

Also, Nick Barnett can suck my cock. Of course you got booed for doing your samuri dance after making a routine tackle (your first of the fucking game by the way), after you had already let the Bengals drive like 60 yards for the game winning FG. Fucking make the tackle and go back to the huddle. For all the shit Packer fans take, they are pretty fucking forgiving, but if you fuck up enough, they are going to let you know it. (And they aren't as white trash as Cowboy fan who screamed through the entire National Anthem last night. Fucking idiots).

At least we are now about 101 hours from Oktoberfest.


Ricky said...

That bomb into triple coverage was vintage old Packer QB. Sorry, Rodgers stunk up the building yesterday. Yes, the line was AWFUL and we dropped 25 passes, but GET RID OF THE BALL!!!! He is not impressing me. I dont know if Tauscher is alive, but even his corpse would be better than what we are putting on the field right now. FUCK! Crosby is awful, our punter is awful, our offensive line is awful, our safeties are awful, our running game is awful... I am getting scared.

Unkown Blogger said...

You should be happy you didnt go... Milwaukee crowds are the worst, my buddy said it got to the point in his section where he literally told a guy to shut the fuck up... people were telling him to sit down on third and short and shit

Bear said...

They'll figure it out. And that's a no on Tauscher, he's still hurt, will be for another month, that's why we released him.

The Sports Bottle said...

Allen Barbre played better.

Unkown Blogger said...

Somebody I know saw Tauscher at a resturaunt a couple of months ago and he could barely walk... still might be an uprgrade

Juicelaw said...

You know more people who know people who know Packers than anyone I've ever met.

In other news, Mark Tauscher is a really nice guy. Met him one time. Also, he has no knees.

But as the Unkown Blogger said, might be an upgrade.

Ricky said...

Seriously, how does letting two overpriced offensive lineman, Wahle and Rivera, go set back your entire offensive line for a decade? How many years has it been and we still have not figured this shit out?!?!

Bear said...

Letting Wahle and Rivera go isn't the problem anymore, our interior line is fine, it's our tackle spots that are giving up the pressures right now, but this is something that has been a future concern for two off seasons now, unfortunately the personal we have right now just isn't getting the job done and Tauscher's knee getting shredded into 15 pieces kind of upped the timeline for our RT spot, now Clifton getting hurt/being ineffective doubles the immediacy of the issue.