Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ex-Packers v. The Law: Round 2

AND the law wins again in an upset. I guess Whisper Goodman didn't have the same shiftiness he had back in '00 and '01. Neither did his girlfriend I guess. The message, as always, don't fuck with the O.P.D. But seriously, I feel bad for Whisper because he had such a sweet nickname.

I predict that the next Ex-Packer to be arrested will be (by position):

RB: LeShon Johnson
FB: Buford McGee
WR: Kitrick Taylor
WR: Aubrey Matthews
TE: Clint Didier
G: Doug Widell
G: Bill Ferrario
T: Tootie Robbins
T: Barry Stokes
C: Blair Bush
QB: T.J. Rubley
DE: Cletidus Hunt
DE: Alphonso Carreker
DT: Don Davey
LB: Jude Waddy
LB: Mike Hunt (not making this up)
LB: Ron Cox
LB: Keo Coleman
CB: Ahmad Carroll
CB: Roderick Mullen
FS: Tiger Greene
SS: Scott McGarahan
P: Paul McJulien
K: Max Zendejas
KR: Roell Preston


Bear said...

Ahmad Carroll and Roderick Mullen are there instead of Joey Thomas? Didn't Thomas go fucking crazy and that's why he got cut?

Juicelaw said...

This is true. But I think he's dead, so he doesn't count.

Unkown Blogger said...

no chukie nwokorie?