Thursday, September 17, 2009

OJSFA Week 2 Preview

Game of the Week:

Heywood Jablome (1-0) v. RIP Billie Jean (1-0)

Two bloggers on this here site (sort of). Will Ochentacinco get murdered in GB? Will the Madden Curse hit Fitty this week?

Line: Billie Jean by 11
Series: Billie Jean leads 5-2


The White Broncos (0-1) v. Schmock's Team (1-0)

I've got nothing except that Schmock had A-Peter AND LDT AND A-Rodg last year too, and didn't make the playoffs. Look for a big game for whichever guys I decide to leave on the bench.

Line: White Broncos by 2
History: Schmock leads 4-1

Marino for Prez (0-1) v. A-Rodg's Grapefruit (1-0)

Someone should tell Duper that game management isn't really that good of a thing in fantasy football, and therefore Eli Manning shouldn't be started on anyone's team. To be fair, he has McNabb, although you can't convince me Duper wouldn't start Manning anyway.

Line: Grapefruit by 8.5
History: Tied 1-1

Faribault Frauleins (0-1) v. Jolly Pharmacuticals (0-1)

Two other alleged bloggers on this site. Loaf Cobra (Frauleins) hasn't posted anything since 1998. I got nothing.

Line: Frauleins by 6.5
History: Jolly leads 2-0

Shit Game of the Week:

No Talent Ass Clowns (1-0) v. Clown Baby (0-1)

Two teams named after clowns. Statistically the best and worst teams in the league at this point. No Talent supposedly includes Drew Brees and Randy Moss.

Line: Ass Clowns by 5
Series: Ass Clowns lead 1-0

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