Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Quick OJSFA Week 3 Preview

Not alot of time the rest of the week, so I'm tossing this up quick now.


Heywood Jablome (1-1) v. No Talent Ass Clowns (1-1)

Top two teams in the Ron Goldman Division. The Ass Clowns figured out in week 1 how not to be terrible (Have Brees throw 5 TDs). Heywood dislikes wildcats.

Line: Ass Clowns by 5 1/2
History: Heywood leads 1-0


Marino For Prez (1-1) v. RIP Billie Jean (2-0)

For some reason it seems illogical that Billie Jean is the only undefeated team, even though he was runner up last year. Perhaps it is that he is imaginary, and has lived in Wyoming, North Dakota, Nebraska, western Minnesota and the moon.

Line: Billie Jean by 14
History: Billie Jean leads 1-0

A-Rodg's Grapefruit (1-1) v. Faribault Frauleins (1-1)

Not much to say other than I've been to Faribault, MN and it sucks. Oh, and this will be the Grapefruits last game because the owner is going to Oktoberfest and can't swim.

Line: Grapfruits by 4 1/2
History: A-Rodg leads 3-0

Clown Baby (1-1) v. Jolly Pharmaceuticals (0-2)

Jolly Pharmaceuticals is an abomination as a team, and it is quite possible they may be contracted. Or moved to L.A. All of their home games have been blacked out, because its only fans are toothless, laid off, minimum wage, sweatshop workers. All of whom hate football.

Line: Jolly by 15
History: Jolly leads 3-2


The White Broncos (1-1) v. Schmock's Team (1-1)

Statistically, two awful teams. Also, they just played last week and the Broncos kicked the shit out of them.

Line: Even
History: Schmock leads 4-2

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