Wednesday, October 14, 2009

OJSFA Week 6 Preview

Man, I hate when I get raped like I did last week. It is a good thing I only have to wait a week to get my revenge on Twinkie. And NOT, I repeat NOT, in fantasy football.


Schmock's Team (3-2) v. Faribault Frauleins (Loaf Cobra) (3-2)

Schmock continues to be undefeated against any team not named after a vehicle used by O.J. Simpson (driven by A.C. DAMMIT!) to escape police in 1994. The Frauleins continue to win despite really not having a very good team on paper. Perhaps I should pay more attention to paper.

Line: Schmock by 8
History: Frauleins lead 2-0


The White Broncos (Juicelaw)(3-2) v. No Talent Ass Clowns (Mark)(2-3)

Mark will be dead before this game starts. Will his team respond? That is the real question here. By the way, Mark has already doubled his all-time win total in 5 games this season.

Line: Broncos by 21 1/2
History: Broncos lead 2-0

Clown Baby (2-3) v. Heywood Jablome (Sports Bottle)(3-2)

Mike Sims-Walker single handedly knocked Sports Bottle out of first place last week. To fix that problem, he spent $746 (approximately) of the $100 we had to spend on waiver claims for a QB that threw 4 TDs against Jacksonville, which might be the worst defense not named St. Louis in the league. His name is Matt Hasslebeck and if his back doesn't fall off this week, he may actually have a good game.

Line: Heywood by 24
History: Tied 4-4

RIP Billie Jean (Twinkie) (5-0) v. A-Rodg's Grapefruit (Richard) (1-4)

Twinkie continues to roll. Ricky continues to shit himself every week. Only reason this wasn't the worst game is that luck should count for something, and Twinkie has plenty of that.

Line: Billie Jean by 33
History: A-Rodg leads 3-2


Marino for Prez (Duper) (2-3) v. Jolly Pharmaceuticals (Bear)(1-4)

Bear's team sucks. Even on paper. Roddy White catching 8 TD passes last week couldn't get him a win.

Line: Marino by 5
History: Tied 1-1

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The Sports Bottle said...

Just to clarify, Arizona has the worst pass defense in the league. Besides, I don't expect to really need anyone else the rest of the year. I needed to make sure I got him, and I don't even know if anyone else put in a bid.