Monday, October 5, 2009

Getting Paid To Blog?

Well, not actually, but I got a free book from Acme Packing Company for commenting on one of their articles/playing in a fantasy football league. $16 value! I should take a picture of it and hang it above the front door of this shithole or something to signify the first dollar made.

There may very well be a football game on tonight. Speaking of which, I had a neighborhood golf outing (which I somehow won despite the fact that I am a shitty golfer and I was the best golfer on my team, +12!!!! in a best ball!!!)/cookout thing on Saturday. Even though it was the absolute last thing I wanted to talk about (see religion/politics) the topic of tonight's game came up. I have an asshole (not really) neighbor who is one of the last two people on earth that is trying to justify straddling the fence on this one. Earlier in the week, he tried to tell me it is like being a kid when your parent's get divorced. I told him that I could see that, except that the next year your dad proceeded to rape your sister in front of you while the media hails him as a hero, and he plays his "Aw shucks, I just love pussy" card. I even warned him not to bring the shit up. Of course he did, and he is one of those guys who has to make his opinion heard, even when it is fucking idiotic. He and like two women were in agreement. 95% of the people agreed with me but didn't want to be assholes and cause a rift in the neighborhood (again, see religion/politics). I seriously wanted to tip over the picnic table and all the shit on it and storm off. I was so fucking pissed. It made me feel better than when one of the other neighbors, who is like 75 and a high school football coach kind of nudged me and said "He's not a Packer fan." I'm at about a 9 on the anxiety level today and fully plan on getting nothing accomplished.

Also, I'm putting the clock radio in the living room (which I NEVER do) and listening to Wayne Larivee and Larry McCarren tonight because I can't handle Gruden sucking He Who Shall Not Be Named's cock every time he throws a two yard out.

Great upcoming sports week though. Fucking Twinkies somehow got into a one game playoff which is tomorrow, followed by playoff baseball every night the rest of the week. Should be pretty great. It just occurred to me that we could either get some Championship Series (like games 6 and 7) or get no playoff baseball while in Vegas.


Juicelaw said...

My brother just informed me of the 7 second TV dealy due to Janet Jackson "Titgate". FUCK! Maybe I'll put on some Mozart and just play it on mute. Announcers add nothing.

Juicelaw said...

I meant announcers not named Gus Johnosn.

The Sports Bottle said...

We'll definitely get some baseball in Vegas. There's no way there will be 3 days of no baseball.

Go Angels! I bet on them last January.