Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More fun with maps!

For the 0.1% of football fans who still might not understand why this Sunday's game between the Vikings and Packers was moved to 3:15 from their original noon starting time, please take a look at this map. I think the most interesting thing about this map, besides the fact that it looks just like an election map from 1984 (in case you were wondering, Reagan won), is that there is this chunk of rural Tennessee and Kentucky that just doesn't even have TV. That to me is awesome for some reason. They are so far from civilization that in AMERICA, they can't even get broadcast TV.


Juicelaw said...

Is that real?

I fucking hate, He Who Shall Not Be Named, Reagan, and hicks without TVs.

Fuzzy said...

How dare you speak foul of Reagan. He has been a major influence on the comedic works of "The Dick" Cheney and Mr. Rush Limbaugh. I think it's safe to say they both have made this world a better place.

Bear said...

Reagan was the man