Thursday, October 1, 2009

Amen 2: Electric Boogaloo

More from Ex-Packers:

"Sorry Brett. You're on the other side now," said LeRoy Butler

"It's not just another person that walked away, it's Brett, whom we all loved and admired and thought the world of, and now he's on the dastardly Vikings," added Jerry Kramer

"The only thing that could be worse for me is the Bears, and I don't know if that would be worse," Kramer said, according to the report. "Brett Favre wearing a Vikings uniform playing the Packers? That's about as bad as it gets."

"When you switch to the Vikings, that's the one team you hate and hate's a strong word," said Butler, according to the Journal Sentinel. "That's the one thing you dislike. You enjoy beating the Bears, it's a great rivalry. But when you play the Vikings -- Hatfield and McCoys, that's how it is. All the rules go out. You have to beat them. It's a must-win game. You can live with splitting with Chicago. You can't live and you can't sleep losing to the Vikings."

"Eat a dick." --Vince Lombardi's rotting corpse.

"I hope you choke on a cock." --Curly Lambeau, who isn't dead, he is sleeping

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The Sports Bottle said...

Curly Lambeau doesn't sleep, he waits.