Monday, October 5, 2009

"I'm Done"

Things are getting out of hand in GB. Here is an actual message (edited to protect the innocent) I received from my wife about an hour ago:

"I am going to leave work early cuz if I have to listen to one more dumb bitch talk about how much they love (He Who Shall Not Be Named) I am going to punch someone in the face."

"I told my boss that I was going to leave purely for this reason, she agrees that is cuz they are women and the majority of women r stupid."

"I just can't focus (on work)"

"I am so stressed out I am sweating"

You can all now congratulate me for how lucky I am.

Also, at least I am not Richard today. And I'm praying for a Packer win because if it doesn't happen, I think I'm going to need a plane ticket to attend his funeral, and those fuckers are expensive.

(UPDATE) I told my boss about what my wife said and his response is "Boy you guys have a hangup on this (He Who Shall Not Be Named Thing)." Then I stabbed him in the neck with a pen, called his daughter a whore, and said: "What the fuck do you mean?" Anxiety level is now a 9.5 out of 10.


Bear said...

Ricky's not the only asshole working in the Twin Cities right now, I drive by the dome almost every day on my way home from work

Juicelaw said...

At least you get to cross the 40 foot high chain link fence on the way back to Wisco. He never gets to leave. He will die there.

Also, you are a fucking carnivore. You can just playfully swipe at the asshole's head with your foot long claws until he dies when he tries to give you shit.

ruggerbob said...

Juicelaw... maybe a live blog 2night?

Juicelaw said...

No fucking way. I will barely be able to muster the brain power necessary to drink and beat my wife. I'm already functioning at about 15% capacity. I may not be able to drive home from "work".

When we win, I may do a retrospective.

Unkown Blogger said...

I will fuck all of your bosses daughters... fuck my life... going to blog on my shitty blog twice today