Thursday, October 1, 2009


I'm passing this on like 3rd hand. I didn't see where it came from. All I know is that I've always loved LeRoy.

LeRoy Butler: "I never knew there were Brett Favre fans and a Packer fans. I thought it was all one. But now I know it's two types of people. Those are the people that are going to have the most problem with it because they're going to hope Brett does well. If you hope he does well Monday night against your team, you're not a Packers fan. This is plain English to me, black and white: if you're not in the green and gold, I don't cheer for you. That is not hard to understand. I'm a No. 12 fan. He' s playing for my team. I want the defense to go get him, just like I did last week with Marc Bulger or Kyle Boller. Brett Favre is going to be just another quarterback. Go get him guys."

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The Sports Bottle said...

I second that "Amen." That is one of the things I've said all along to people who say "How can you hate him after all he's given to the Packers blah blah blah." I hope Raji puts some Franks on his spine before he eats it.