Monday, October 5, 2009

Hells Bells is back

So the Brewers have signed Hoffman to a 1 year, 8 million dollar contract as of today. Considering Hoffman made 6 million last year and god knows what kind of prospects would be out there for potential closers, I'd say this is a pretty solid deal. Hopefully we get something worked out in our bullpen as a more permanent replacement over the next two off seasons, until then, let's rock out to AC/DC for one more year I guess.

Oh snap! And there's a mutual option for 2011, didn't read that the first time I guess, doesn't change much either way, maybe 3 off seasons now to find a suitable young closer!

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Juicelaw said...

Great. Now we just have to get to the 9th. Or more likely the 5th. Fucking Jeff Suppan fucked me in fantasy baseball by demanding to make his 30th start thereby taking away a start from the suprisingly not shitty Chris Narveson (streamed). Fuck Jeff Suppan.

Glad to see Hoffman back. If we bring back Looper I am going to kill Melvin