Friday, October 10, 2008

Web Seminar Extravaganza!

I am in the midst of a webcast seminar right now.  And it pretty much sucks.  I've been exchanging emails with Twinkie for the last half an hour as we sit our respective offices 500 miles apart, not working.  I just thought that might be relevant. 
Why don't I start with picks.  And add that it is a good fucking thing I don't have any money to gamble with, and that even if I did, it isn't legal.  Because I'm not very good at this.  I would also add however, that gambling on sports is probably a better use of your money than putting it in the stock market, or trusting some cocksucker investment banker with it.
Last Week: 6-7-1
Overall: 34-38-2
Ind (-4), Min (-13) (God Detroit is awful), NO (-7.5), NYJ (-6), Chi (-2.5), Car (+1.5), Was (-13), Hou (-3), Den (-3.5), Phi (-4.5), Sea (+2), Dal (-5), SD (-5.5), NYG (-8)
There is some GREAT sports on this weekend.  Unfortunately, Saturday I am going to be politely getting fucked up beyond belief while standing up in my sister in-law's wedding, and not watching the ridiculous games that are on.  Texas-Oklahoma, LSU-Florida, UW-Penn St., and also Texas Tech hanging 70 on Nebraska (taste the tears!) make this weekend the first weekend of college football that has more than one game that I would be truly excited about laying on the couch with my hands in my pants watching.  Add to that the baseball playoffs, and it creates the thought in my mind that I wish I wasn't so fucking poor/cheap and could afford a phone with Internet access that would allow me to keep track of everything.  Penn St. 34, UW 13.
On Sunday, I am going to be top 10 hungover while I watch my B-Team (5-0) battle the ghost of Loaf Cobra's team (3-2) in OJSFA action.  If I can win this week missing Boldin, Lynch, Holmes, Miller and Tennesee's D, I might not ever lose. 
I will also be watching the Packers lose to Seattle on Sunday, while trying not to vomit.  I realize Seattle isn't very good.  At the same time, our offensive and defensive lines are non-existent.  We don't tackle or block.  If you've got Julius Jones in fantasy, it would be a good week to play him, because he will get at least 100 yards.  Meanwhile, we can't run the ball, and A Rodg gets about .3 seconds to throw, before two defenders are molesting him.  Sea 23, GB 17.
I've got nothing to add other than to query:  Why do Philly fans boo Manny so lustily?  Did he harm them in some way?  Are Red Sox and Phils fans the same person?

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