Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The NBA re-visited

So last night I began my quest to follow the Milwaukee Bucks with at least a little bit of urgency and effort.  One person in the Juice household is less than excited about it.  The response from Mrs. Juice when she found out I wanted to watch the Bucks game last night was "If I had a penis, it would be soft.", which is a twist on one of my favorite sayings: "BLANK is making my penis soft."  Hilarity ensued.  Anyways, I ignored my wife's flaccid and imaginary manhood, and treated myself to 2 1/2 hours of Scott Skiles.  It wasn't awful.  That is really the best thing I can say about it.  I did briefly fall asleep early in the fourth quarter.  Amazingly, I wasn't the only person keeping tabs last night.  Dan actually sent me a series of Bucks related text messages.  (My wife was annoyed by Brewers related messages, I can't even imagine how she feels about Bucks messages.)  We reached a consensus via 4 word sentences that Charlie Villanueva will not be around much longer, either because he will be traded, be murdered by Scott Skiles, or be in prison for murdering Skiles himself.  He started and played...9 minutes.  When you are losing playing time to a rookie second round pick and Malik fucking Allen.  Also, we were both surprised by the absence of Joe "White Lightning" Alexander from the court, really at all.  All preseason we heard how athletic and talented he was, and that he had a very outside shot at rookie of the year.  Well that is going to be a little difficult if Skiles pulls his Larry Brown refuse to play a rookie under any circumstances act.  The bottom line is that the Bucks committed like 100 fouls, which led to Bogut and Jefferson sitting most of the game, and a parade of foul shots by the Bulls.  Problem is, I don't think the Bulls are very good, which is slightly scary to me.
Tonight, they help the OKC Thunder open up in the first real game for them.  I predict they get blown off the floor, only because the crowd is going to be mental.  Durant goes for 37-13-5.

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