Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Trade Deadline

So it was brought to the attention of the JSOnline readers that earlier this week TT decided to offer a 3rd round draft choice for Tony Gonzalez while the Chiefs wanted a 2nd round choice. In the past TT has been unwilling to trade for two current studs in Michael Turner and Randy Moss, now granted we have a great wide receiving corps and we probably didn't NEED Randy Moss, but we definitely could have used Turner, we'd be paying him about the same as we are paying Grant right now, especially if Grant hits his incentives(not looking that way right now). Randy Moss would have been great, but we probably would have over-payed for a very good wide receiver who would bail out on us near the end of his contract if he felt like his situation wasn't ideal, so I'm not all that upset about missing the boat on him.

Back to Gonzalez, he is probably in the top 3 or 4 for receiving tight ends in the league, depending on if you count Kellen Winslows's 3 seasons of motorcycle accidents and syphilis as dependable enough to rank him higher than Tony. Not only that he's a complete tight end, he can block as well, now he may not be the best blocking tight end, but as I've already mentioned, great receiver AND he can block, so that's just a nice bonus. Donald Lee isn't a bad tight end, in fact I think he's good enough that once him and Rodgers develop a real rapport he'll start seeing a lot of balls thrown his way, and not swollen Kellen Winslow balls either, actual footballs.

The fact that we could have gotten T-Gon for a 2nd round pick, which has been a crapshoot thus far for TT, makes me wonder. We got Nick Collins and Greg Jennings, but we also drafted Terrence Murphy, Daryn Colledge(who will probably be let loose after his rookie contract), Brandon Jackson(verdict is still out on him, but I think he's terrible), and now this year, Nelson, Brohm and Patrick Lee the corner. Go through that list, tell me who you'd rather have than Tony Gonzalez. Greg Jennings, maybe Nick Collins? We'd also have just as good of a chance that TT would trade down that pick and turn it into 17 6th round picks(that's an exaggeration). Gonzalez also just said he was only going to play for another 3 years, which doesn't screw up our long term goals to keep our salary cap under control while we sign some of our younger studs we have on the team right now to long term deals.

I guess in the end I'm at least happy that we made an offer instead of just sitting on our hands, and hopefully Donald Lee starts getting more looks, but man I really think it would have helped our offense to have a safety valve like Gonzalez running around the field...


Juicelaw said...

To be fair, it sounds like there was some sort of soft agreement, and the Chiefs raised the offer at the last second. I don't completely disagree with you. Except for you thinking Brandon Jackson sucks, because he should be the starter right now.

None of this should be surprising.

Also not surprising is how pissed your average Packer fan is (which clearly I'm not I guess). They see an All-Pro (even if he is 37 years old) and say OHHHHHHHH pretty!, and assume that we were guaranteed 3 Super Bowl titles if we got him.

Bear said...

Brandon Jackson sucks. Also I'm not at all pissed that we didn't pull the trigger, I'm just of the opinion that if we had done it, I would have been in favor of it. He's a vegan now, he'll play forever!