Monday, October 20, 2008


According to Fox's Jay Glazer (who I am too lazy to link, but trust me, it is there), He Who Shall Not Be Named has shown his class once again, and just how much he "just wants to play da football".  He has gone to at least one team Detroit, and basically spilled his guts about the entire Packer playbook (or about as much as you could in an hour and a half).  What. A. Piece. Of. Shit.  I'm not nieve to think this doesn't occasionally go on.  That teams don't contact other teams former players, or ask guys who are on thier team that used to play for the opponent for information.  I don't have a problem with that.  But for someone to act all innocent victim, and stand up citizen and all this other bullshit, for someone like him to SEEK OUT another team to give them this information is unforgivable.  Clearly, it didn't matter all that much because Detroit is so god awful, but that isn't the point.  I'm also sure that the Packers changed a large number of plays/calls due to Rodgers, and due to the fact that they knew Benedict Fuckface would be out and about, so I'm sure the info they got wasn't that great.  But that again, is not the point.  He is a piece of shit.  I had always thought that after he gets his year or two done with the Jets, there could be this grand, ball juggling, nut swallowing ceremony where we would retire his number and declare him to be the greatest human being on planet earth, and re-name the Packers the Heville Hes.  But how can that happen now?  This is only coming from Detroit, which is an abortion right now.  But how do we know he didn't call up Pey-Pey before this week?  Or Traveriaoeaus before week one?  How do we know how deep this goes? 
I can't describe how disappointed I am right now.  Any of these dipshits that goes around and makes Jets games appointment viewing, and has been pining for him to comeback, should seriously just hand over your Packer shit now.  Enjoy your losses to the Raiders, He, and the rest of you cocksuckers.
And you know that most of the media will simply ignore this because he is the greatest person on earth, and did you know that he used to have a problem with pills?  And that his dad died, and he had to...gasp! five days later!  A quick glance at right now, has NO MENTION of this.  Jay Glazer is as respected a journalist as there is in the NFL, but since fucking Mort didn't first report it, it won't get mentioned on ESPN, until it gets so loud that they can't ignore it.  I am so fucking bitter right now.  I can't see how anyone could POSSIBLY take his "side" in this, although I'm sure people will find a way to blame Thompson for this.
Sorry for the rambling negativity.  Great win yesterday.


Bear said...

I whooped your monkey ass in FF this week... Your only hope is that your kicker scores enough points to keep you in first

Juicelaw said...

You did whoop me. I am Indiana Jones, and you are George Lucas.

I am watching PTI right now, and cocksuck TK hasn't mentioned the Favre thing at all. Bullshit.