Monday, October 6, 2008

Brewers Are People Too

So I got an excellent email today at work, with various pictures of the Brewers celebrating last Sunday night (after they clinched, not after their assholes clenched). I don't know where they originated, and I don't care. It's pretty much the coolest thing that as ever happened to me.

Robin Yount uses the force to destroy your camera.

Bill Hall works on his future profession.

Ryan Braun and his hat tell this nice young lady what she is going to be getting for Christmas (which is in about an hour). One of them will get laid tonight. Also, is he drinking a fucking Cosmo or is it a "light" Cranberry Vodka? I choose to believe the latter.

I bet that isn't a Diet Coke.

Seriously, what is it with the hats? Hardy could probably wear a dead fetus on his head and get laid in Wisconsin.

CC dances the robot.

Dale Sveum shows off his Sunday best. This convinces me more than ever that he can't be the manager. 1) You are wearing tight blue jeans. 2) You are wearing a trucker hat.


gotwinkies said...

Seeing Robin Yount in those pictures reminds me of fucking Matthew Mchanaghy(sp?)'s character in dazed and confused...

"The older I get, they all stay the same age"

referring to all the young guys on the team that he continiously goes out and parties with. I bet that bastard has been divorced at least twice. Either that or this is the first time he's gotten a kitchen pass in 26 years.

gotwinkies said...

Your manager is also wearing a West Coast Choppers shirt.

Ron Gardenhire would never be caught wearing that shit.

Juicelaw said...

"Interim" Manager. Soon to be "Ex-Interim".

champ said...

Sveum's hat is not a trucker hat by the way, it is an OSU hat. Not that it really matters I guess.