Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I just wanted to point out the fantastic score I came upon at the grocery store the other night:

1) A sixer of the long awaited Leinie's Winter Seasonal: Fireside Nut Brown (Aftertaste of maple syrup! Tastes like Christmas! Wheee!) Seriously, its not bad, not fantastic. I would rate it slightly behind Summer Shandy, and Oktoberfest, but slightly ahead of Berry Weiss on the seasonal list.

2)Franken Berry: (Ed. Note: pink stool? And I dispute that it is easily found)

3)Boo Berry

4) Count Fuckin' Chocula

For the record, I've never heard of Yummy Mummy (1987-1993, sort of surprising I don't recall this one) or Fruit Brute (I guess it was retired in 1983, so that would probably explain it)

Wikipedia is spectacular.

Sorry for the non-sports post.



Dan said...

nut brown ales are great. fat squirrel #1. moose drool a close second. tommy knocker imperial following in 3rd (also has the maple syrup taste but 9.8% alcohol. don't play drinking games with it. reference me on sytenndae mai saturday).

i'm looking forward to leinie's brown ale attempt

gotwinkies said...

Fucking Summer Shandy? You have got to be kidding me. It tastes like fucking suds from my dishwater. That is the kind of shit my wife drinks.

Juicelaw said...

Yeah, well you like Bud Light which tastes like water that was squeezed from a washcloth after it cleaned my asshole.

Summer Shandy is borderline spectacular.

Fireside Nut Brown is not as good as fat squirrel or moose drool. Its a little too sweet for bountiful consumption, but pretty good.

gotwinkies said...

If drinking Bud Light somehow makes me guilty of liking water wringed out from a washcloth used to clean your asshole, then SIGN ME UP.