Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bye Week Blues

So at my work we have a meeting with the bosses and me on Thursday mornings to discuss things.  This meeting takes place around 7:30 am (which is typically when I roll in anyway, but still).  Today I show up and they were discussing "business matters" (i.e. paying bills and shit) which doesn't concern me, and quite frankly, I am not allowed anywhere near.  They asked me to basically go away for a while, so now I am sitting here playing with myself.  I don't know why that is relevant, other than I now have time to do this.
Bye weeks really, really suck.  If it wasn't for fantasy football, I would probably consider self harm.  I hate it when the Packers are off.  Just hate it.  All we get all week is stories about players getting healthy, and shit about a former player whom I could fucking care less about.  The only game I get to be emotionally invested in this weekend is the ass beating Bucky is going to take from Illinois.  Personally, I think we should eliminate the bye week all together, and just play games 365 days a year.
Had the ole fantasy basketball draft last night.  4 out of 10 league members showed up.  I randomly got the first pick, and I picked my man crush CP3.  Schmock picked 11 straight UNC players to the dismay of Dan (who has jacked off to a UNC team photo each year for the past 25 years).  I'm pretty sure there might be some former Tar Heel still available.  I've really got nothing else except to say that I am mildly looking forward to watching the Bucks lose 60 this year.
I swear this post had a point, but I got interrupted by a fucking "client" and forgot where it was going.


Dan said...

"randomly got the first pick." is that chinese for "i'm a lying cheating bastard"?

Juicelaw said...

No, its American for "I fucked your mother".