Monday, October 27, 2008

Signs of the Apocolypse

1) Anthony "A-Train" Tolliver has made an NBA roster. He will be playing 12th man for Spurs. He will be best remembered for being the most awkwardly good player in NCAA basketball, a title he shares with Mike Wilkinson of UW. He will also be remembered for the ridiculous buzzer beater against Wichita St. in '06, and refereeing flag football as a "job". Below are two highlights that were typical of his illustrious career while I was at Creighton.

2) The Brewers reportedly are going to offer CC $100 fucking million clams for 4 years. I'm not sure what rumored and reportedly means, but whatever. If this is true, I'm flabbergasted. This would figure to be about 1/4 of their salary. It is probably just a good faith showing to the fans that they were serious, figuring they will be outbid no matter what. The general feeling seems to be that his market is only about $20mil, so this offer is a good one. But someone will offer more years, or more money.


gotwinkies said...

Number of beers consumed by the time Tolliver hit the game winner, approximately 5. Number of dollars that it cost me at the Qwest center = $40.

Seeing Tolliver hit that shot = priceless.

Best college BB game I've ever seen in person.

gotwinkies said...

I almost forgot another great memory:

getting beligerently drunk during a home game against SIU (at another bargain price of $30) - fun

losing to SIU at home - shitty.

Representing your law school by saying "FUCK" over and over in front of families with small children at Jobber's Canyon...


Juicelaw said...

I concur on both counts.

How about getting shitfaced at the Jay?

Man, I am getting fucking old.

gotwinkies said...

nothing better than drinking with some 19 year old bitches who are in the Jay illegally.

I am fucking OLDER. My life was like Frank the Tank and then I almost died and now it's like "Sweet, can't wait to get home and work on that puzzle."