Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Champagne? Really?

I know I'm a day or two late on this, but there was no sports on (other than preseason NBA, and some random college football game) so I didn't have much else to talk about, and this irked me a little.  The Boston Red Sox have won approximately 10,000 postseason games in the last 5 years or so.  They have also won 2 World Series.  So I found the fact that they celebrated a ALDS victory with a crazy champagne shower to be ridiculous.  You don't see this in any sport besides baseball, I suppose because you can play baseball with a crazy hangover and still be effective (see David Wells perfect game).  You don't see an NFL team do this after a Wild Card victory.  You don't see an NBA team do this with a first round victory.  You don't see Tiger Woods do this after leading the Master's after one round.  So why the fuck would Boston celebrate winning absolutely nothing?  To an extent, I can understand Tampa because it is their first ever playoff series win.  But Boston?  Why stop there?  Why not just have a permanent tarp in the locker room for champagne?  Why not celebrate beating the Royals 12-3 on June 2nd?  The win means just as much.
WARNING!  POLITICAL ASIDE.  This in no way reflects the opinions of Archie Manning's Bastards as a whole (especially Bear who is a member of the National Socialist Party), and is only the writers' opinion (which on the issue of politics is even more useless, uninformed and biased as his opinion on sports).
So to fill the void last night, I watched about 10 minutes of the presidential debate.  I just have to say that after McCain referring to Obama as "that one", I am greatly looking forward to the next debate.  I think it is on 10/16, which means we are only 8 days away from one or more of the following scenarios happening: 1) McCain calling Obama "boy"; 2) McCain dropping an N-bomb; 3) McCain falling asleep while answering a question; 4) McCain falling and breaking a hip.  I'm moving to Canada if McCain wins.


gotwinkies said...

POLITICAL WARNING: You know it is time for a change when gotwinkies, who has been known to be a gun-totting, bass-fishing, pro-wrestling watching, redneck Republican in his past, desperately wants Obama to win.

McCain would make a great secratary of defense, but not a president.

On a side note, I have to laugh when they interview the most racist, uniformed people on NPR (yes I listen to NPR). Here is an exact quote from a person interviewed yesterday "I don't really want McCain to win, but I am afraid Obama will only support "them".)

Juicelaw said...

"That one" may very well support "them" and "those people". Classic.