Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Might Watch the NBA This Year

I am resolving to watch and/or follow the NBA and the Milwaukee Bucks this year.  Each year I feel guilty that I fell out of love with the NBA sometime around 2001 (when the Bucks got completely hosed by the referees in the Eastern Conference finals against Philly).  Truthfully, the NBA hasn't deserved my attention in years.  They got lazy, they clutched, they grabbed, they forgot how to shoot, they scored in the 70's despite not really playing defense, the players made too much money, the players got locked out, referees were gambling, players were showing up high and didn't start to care until the playoffs.  Well last year was eye opening for me.  The game got exciting again.  Chris Paul, LeBron, Kobe, Dwayne Wade, Derron Williams, and others, have quickened the game.  The skills that these professionals always had is now starting to show up in random games in November.  They play defense, but not the kind where you tackle someone into the front row every time he gets near the rim. 
I need to step up and be a fan of the Milwaukee Bucks again, even though they will probably go 25-57 and lose interest in December.  They are my home team, and as a sports fan, I am obliged to support them.  They have a few attributes that could be interesting.  Andrew BoGOT plays pretty hard, and has a funny accent.  Michael Redd can shoot.  Joe Alexander is white and can speak Mandarian.  Scott Skiles might punch Dan Gadzuric in the face for being ugly, sucking and making way too much money.  Luke Ridinour can't guard a chair.  Mo Williams and Yi are gone.  Herb Kohl is the basketball equivalent of Dan Snyder, except without money or the friendship of Tom Cruise. 
Will they take my attention away from college basketball?  No.  But if there is nothing else on, I am going to make an effort, and if there is something else on, I will at least check the boxscore and/or read stories about them, which is more than I've done in the last 7 years.  So like George Constanza said, "I'm back baby!"
Anyone who blames Ted Thompson for not giving up a second round pick for Tony Gonzalez is a fucking moron.  As good as he is, and as much of an upgrade he would be at TE, and as much as we can afford him, and as great of a guy he is, a 2nd round pick is CRAZY.  We don't know all the facts of the negotiation, but we reportedly offered a 3rd.  Gonzalez himself thought that was a fair price and is pissed at the Chiefs.  Regardless, Gonzalez is clearly declining, and a 2nd round pick should be a starter in the league.  Also, how much impact would a TE have?  As irrelevant as our TE's have been this year, I'm not sure that TG would make that much of a difference overall.  When the line blocks at all, A Rodg has no problem finding Greg Jennings streaking down the middle of the field.  But when they don't block, it doesn't matter who is running patterns, because they aren't getting the ball anyway.  Plus, didn't we just give Donald Lee a huge ass contract to catch with his face?
Tampa Bay is REALLY good at baseball.  I have a man crush on Evan Longoria that is in danger of surpassing Ryan Bruan.
The dude trying to make money with a website dedicated to firing Brett Beilema prolly needs to relax a little bit.  By no means are the Badgers in good shape right now.  They are a disappointment.  But look at who we lost to: Penn St., Michigan and Ohio St.  Granted, we are talented enough to play with them, but if those losses are spread out and not consecutive, my guess is that nobody is looking to fire a 9-3 coach.  Now we just have to win 6 straight.  Which won't happen.  I'm just saying that Alvarez didn't go to the Rose Bowl every year either.  I seem to remember alot of Copper Bowl appearances mixed in with the Roses.

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