Friday, October 3, 2008


This afternoon, while "at work". I was able to head over to StubHub and snap up some tickets for Game 3 for a reasonable price. Ticket prices have fallen more than $100/piece since Monday, probably because they fucking suck right now. Judging by the numbers on the ticket, I would guess these tickets are somewhere around the Marquette Interchange, but who gives a shit. I'm going to the first home playoff game in 26 years. There is even a legitimate chance that I could be playing right field (but only because I hired someone to kill Corey Hart). My brother and I are making the pilgrimage (after he goes to the second, gayer cousin, of the first weekend of Oktoberfest, tonight, which by the way, means we will get there in the 7th inning). Fuckin' A.

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