Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Jack Bauer Has Got Nothing On Me

At 14:00 hours today, I am "going dark" Jack Bauer style.  If you've never seen "24" Jack says he's going to "go dark" and then he cuts off all communication with the outside world, so he can do some crazy ass shit like climb inside of an elephant's asshole to retrieve a nuclear war head, while the elephant is being shot with grenade launchers, and is being raped by a Chinese militant.
But I am not retrieving any warheads from pachyderms.  No, I am going dark to avoid all possibility that I will know what the score of Game 1 is tonight.  I have to fucking work until probably about 5 (which is about the time the game will be over).  I'm forced to DVR a goddamn live, playoff, sporting event so I can watch it without knowing the outcome.  This means no: Internet (which may be a problem because of a light workload today), cell phone, TV, radio between 2 and 6, and then nothing but my DVR until 8 or 9.  People shouldn't have to live like this.  I have to give instruction to everyone at the office that I will flip out and kill them if they tell me anything about the game before I leave, and fuck them for scheduling my only appointments today after 2.
Seriously, Al Davis is fucking mental.  I just had to throw that out there.  Whatever problems may exist in GB, it is nothing compared to what is going on the Oak-town.
Family Guy was spectacular, cryptic quotes that I found funny, but you had to see it to get it:
"Boom goes the dynamite."-- Cleveland;
""What are you supposed to be, a Freddie Kruger victim or something?"  "No, I am a victim of the liberal agenda.  Do you know that the Democratic party aborts thousands of babies a year?  In fact, they even put babies back in, just so they can abort them." "Nice meeting you.""-- Brian and some crazy bitch (Sarah Palin?) at a costume party


Dan said...

i hope for your sake your dvr malfunctioned for some reason

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