Monday, October 13, 2008

Chris Rose and J.C. Pearson are not good announcers

Nice win for the Packers yesterday.  I don't know if I'm more surprised at how truly terrible the Seattle Seahawks are, or that the defense was actually able to stop them.  The bad news is that next week, Charile Frye ain't walking through that door, and Manning just torched a very good Baltimore defense.  I'm a tad frightened.  On the offensive side, A Rodg was A Rodg, Ryan Grant continues to dominate defenses at a 2 yd/carry clip, Greg Jennings continues to randomly get wide open deep.  It really is too bad we can't run the ball, because Indy's big weakness is stopping the run.
Chris Rose and J.C. Pearson really shouldn't be announcing NFL games.  They were not good at all.  I felt like at any moment John Sally was going to come in and say something witty.  Or there was going to be an impromptu Hooter girl bikini contest or something in the booth.  The Glove Gary Payton made an in-booth appearance, which is usually a bad idea to begin with, and J.C. decided he was going to trash talk Gary about how he could kick his ass in one-on-one.  What the fuck man?  He was posting him up in the fucking booth!  Then he tells Payton that Pearson would do better against Gary in basketball than Payton would do against him in football.  What the fuck are you talking about?!?!?!?  Meanwhile, there is a football game being played.  And for the record, Gary Payton would beat the shit out of J.C. Pearson in basketball.
Later, out of nowhere, He Who Shall Not Be Named was mentioned and Rose talked about "what a great game he had today".  Really Chris?  Because I'm pretty sure he threw for 189 yds, 1 TD, 2 INTs and lost a fumble, against a horrible defense.  I'm really sick of this meaningless comparison with A Rodg.  But He didn't have a "great game", so stop pretending like he did just so you can compare the two QBs.
I had an outside shot at the all-time single game scoring record in the OJSFA had the Cowboys-Cardinals game gone longer into OT, and it had ended with Romo throwing a TD.  As it was, I ended up with 189 and FUCKING CRUSHED the ghost of Loaf Cobra by almost 100 points.  I am now 6-0, and now that I'm talking shit, will surely be 6-8 in 8 weeks.
That was a soul crushing defeat that the Bears took yesterday.  For the record, I loved it.

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