Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I almost forgot in my blind rage over last night, that fucking Carlos Villanueva is going to start tonight. Not only is he horrible this year, but he was horrible as a starter in the past. Why trot him out there to give us 4 innings and then further slaughter an already slaughtered bullpen? I mean seriously. What the fuck? If you are going to do this, then what do you have to lose by throwing Dillard or some other AAA starter in there? Any time another team does it to the Crew, the Crew K's 10 times, and gets one hit in 8 innings. This just really fucking pisses me off. This is just like rolling out Bill Hall to face leftys, even though he can't hit them either, because he used to be able to hit them. I seriously fucking hate baseball managers some times. By the way, did Yost have like one more decision to make from the grave or something?

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