Tuesday, July 21, 2009

ESPN Hearts Big Ben

Is ESPN fucking serious? How are people supposed to take anything they say seriously? They stalk He and Vick, yet when Big Ben is sued, with some very serious allegations. It is completely ignored. There isn't one iota of information anywhere on their website. I'm not saying the suit is legitimate, but if Vick killing dogs is news, and all the steroid garbage is news, then quarterback of the world fucking champions getting accused of sexual assault is news. This doesn't even warrant an acknowledgement that it exists from the biggest sports media outlet in the world? Does anyone remember the Duke sexual assault case? Kobe Bryant? What does Big Ben have on ESPN? This REALLY pisses me off for some reason. It is completely inexcusable. It has been over 16 hours since PFT had reported it. I bet they don't go 16 seconds without reporting what kind of breakfast meat He had this morning.

And it is quite possible the shit is made up. All though to be honest, there are a lot of details there, that would be pretty hard to make up. And it sounds like there might be a video tape.


Bear said...

Anyone who says Kobe did it should be saying Big Ben did it, simply for the fact that there is probably just as much evidence on either side, at least from the start. Of course the truth from this story will be revealed based on how quickly he settles this shit out of court

Bear said...

Apparently this is the case? I have no idea how to read this other than it says defamation and its 9 other dudes with Big Ben


Juicelaw said...

He allegedly pulled out. So its all good.